Shapefarm is an independent game developer based in a peaceful district of Tokyo, Japan. The company was founded in 2010 and has proven experience shipping games and strong creative process over the years.
In 2014, Shapefarm founded the company Friend & Foe to co-develop the game Vane. Since then, Shapefarm has grown to a team of 20 creative and high-skilled professionals coming from all over the video game industry, all sharing the same passion for making the best games possible.

Shapefarm’s projects range from Prototyping, Concept Design, Sound Design and R&D to pure high level content creation. We work with big commercial clients, game studios and several publishers in Hollywood, making games, animations, sound and music, developing ideas and realizing dreams. We are fully dedicated to deliver creative excellence and quality from a strong artistic foundation.

Today, beside our collaborative projects in partnership with several high profile clients, we are focusing on developing our own IP.
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Alexis Garavaryan

Genius businessman that has helped hundreds of creatives to realize their dreams. Alexis is our enabler and our beloved devil’s advocate.  

Key Credits: Business development at Ubisoft and Microsoft, founder of Kowloon Nights…
Founder & CEO

Thomas Lilja

Engine behind 8 years of successful operation of Shapefarm. Fixer and all-around game developer.

Key Credits: Terminator Salvation, Bionic Commando, Killzone 2, Just Cause…
Art Director

Simon Lindwall

Unrelenting master of getting things done to the highest of qualities. Simon provides the fuel for our talented environment team to create amazing worlds. 

Key Credits: Hitman, Hitman 2, The Avatar Project, Samurai Jack …
Art Director

Marcos Ramos

Never-ending creative and dedicated to bring storytelling in his work, cheerful art director with a wide array of styles and artistic skills, fearless and daring.

Key Credits:  Character Design and Story Board Artist for Shoguns Animation,  Background designer for Frameover…
Gameplay Programmer

Mario Strand

Brilliant mind, enthusiastic go-getter, fast learner, and passionate about Game Development and Gameplay mechanics.

Key Credits:  Graduated from Future Games in 2018, worked at Paradox Interactive and Right Nice Games…
Sound Designer / Composer

Christian Wellbo

Many years of experience of versatile and dynamic music and sound composition for the Creative and Game industry.

Key Credits:  Battlerite, Wizard of Legend, The Girl and the Robot, Vane, Dangerous Men…

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