Senior Sound Designer (FTC)

At this time, we are looking for a Senior Sound Designer, on a fixed term contract until end 2023, with potential to extend further. Working on a AAA project under a well known publisher - If this interests you, then you should read on. We are after someone who already has experience in a senior role. The right candidate would have an interest in wanting to give feedback and help improve the team to hit the quality goals set.

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  • Responsibilities 01
    • Mentoring and general support for associate members of the teams
    • Help troubleshoot issues within the team, to assist in coming up with viable solutions
    • Accurately and confidently follow a predefined direction to produce sounds in varying styles
    • Work with Audio Director and Design in helping to define clear goals, create best practices and help to oversee the audio team quality, ensuring consistency between initial vision and final work produced
    • Communicate and cooperate with programming, design, art, character, VFX, production and everyone related to the tasks at hand
    • Creating and implementing sounds, audio design in unreal using wwise assets and various audio tools, profiling and fixing bugs
    • Regularly giving feedback to our Junior Sound Designers to help them achieve better results
  • Qualifications 02
    • Understand the interrelationships of different disciplines
    • To be oriented to teamwork and collaboration and willing to provide constructive feedback
    • Strong communication and organization skills and confident working as part of a multidisciplinary team
    • Substantial working experience in the industry
    • Has a great sense for organizing and keeping things tidy and logical
    • Fluent in English
    • Creativity and an excellent ear for detail
    • Has at least one shipped title in CV
    • Has experience with Unreal Engine and Wwise and all aspects thereof
    • Has good understanding of what AAA quality means and is able to consistently deliver and implement AAA quality audio
    • Knows what a good mix is, and is able to share the responsibility of mixing and mastering the game together with the Audio Director
    • Has access to a work environment suitable for game audio including a 5.1 monitor setup
  • Bonus Qualifications 03
    • Preferably has basic experience with setting up Wwise-related blueprint functionality in Unreal Engine
    • Experience with audio optimization
    • Experience with Ableton Live
    • Can communicate in Japanese
    • Likes to stay on top of new technologies
    • Interest in artistic crafts
  • Japanese Visa Qualifications 04
    • n/a
  • At Shapefarm we… 05
    • Are humble
    • Make sure the job gets done
    • Take responsibility for our work and our actions
    • Have the willingness to walk the extra mile to help others
    • Have a positive attitude towards problem solving

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