Technical Designer

We at Shapefarm are looking for a creative and technical designer to join our very close and talented design team. The ideal candidate would be a designer who is fully at home prototyping gameplay mechanics and systems, as well as working closely with our in-house code and game design teams to create new and innovative gameplay experiences.

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  • Responsibilities 01
    • Work with the lead technical designer or GD to take briefs and overviews for game-play mechanics and create working prototypes to submit for review.
    • Use tools provided to implement prototypes that are consistent with the team's working practices and methods.
    • Help create spec sheets for tools that would be valuable for the entire design team.
    • Using varied knowledge of mechanics and versatility within the engine, work within the design and code team to spec out the dependencies of a prototype.
    • Develop a mechanic or system from brief to a finished standard remaining critical regarding game-play implications and fun factors. Iron out and identify bugs\tweaks as you implement a concept.
    • Communicate issues or concerns about briefs or design direction to clarify and improve ideas.
    • Take feedback from all sources to improve and enhance all prototypes created to ensure the best possible product.
    • Where needed, document specifics of systems and have them represented for others to be able to refer to.
    • Technical design needs to provide the tools and know-how for others to be able to implement their assets into the game seamlessly and in the engine.
  • Qualifications 02
    • Extensive Unreal experience essential.
    • A deep understanding of prototyping\tweaking and developing within the Unreal game engine is essential.
  • Bonus Qualifications 03
    • Can communicate in Japanese.
    • Has an interest in other disciplines, such as audio, art, or animation.
  • Japanese Visa Qualifications 04
    • A bachelor's degree or 10 years of experience.
  • At Shapefarm we… 05
    • Are humble
    • Make sure the job gets done
    • Take responsibility for our work and our actions
    • Have the willingness to walk the extra mile to help others
    • Have a positive attitude towards problem solving

    Shapefarm stands for inclusivity and equality, thus treats people, regardless of their race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or age—with respect, and without judgment or bias.

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