Senior Character Artist

We are looking for a Senior Character Artist. We are after someone who already has experience in a senior role and would have the potential to grow within Shapefarm, and could see themselves developing into a leadership role. The right candidate would have an interest in wanting to give feedback and help improve the team to hit the quality goals set. If this interests you, then you should read on.

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  • 責務 01
    • Mentoring and general support for associate members of the teams
    • Help troubleshoot issues within the team, to assist in coming up with viable solutions
    • Accurately and confidently follow a predefined art direction or concepts to produce characters in varying art styles
    • Create clean and efficient topology ready for skinning for animation and author well laid out textures
    • Work with Art and Animation Leads in helping to define clear visual goals, create best practice assets and help to oversee the character art team quality, ensuring consistency between initial vision and final assets
    • Communicate and cooperate with Concept Artists, VFX, production and everyone related to the tasks at hand
  • 必要なスキルや経験 02
    • To understand the interrelationships of different disciplines
    • To be oriented to teamwork and collaboration and willing to provide constructive feedback
    • Strong communication and organisation skills and confident working as part of a multidisciplinary art team
    • Substantial working experience in the industry
    • Fluent in English
    • Based 2 ( + / - ) hours either side of Japan Standard Time - [Would be a large advantage if the candidate has the ability to visit the office frequently]
    • Excellent artistic ability, strong organic modelling skills and solid anatomical knowledge
    • Proficiency in Maya, Max or similar
    • Strong ZBrush or Substance Painter skills
    • Practical experience in at least one major game engine (Unreal, Unity, Cryengine etc.)
    • Creativity and an excellent eye for detail
  • あると望ましいスキルと経験 03
    • A shipped game that runs across multiple platforms (PS4/5, Xbox One / Series X)
    • Can communicate in Japanese
    • Likes to stay on top of new technologies
    • Interest in artistic crafts, e.g. photography, sculpting, painting, illustration etc.
    • Proficiency in using Blender
  • 日本ビザ取得条件 (外国籍の方) 04
    • A bachelor's degree or 10 years of experience
  • Shapefarmは… 05
    • 謙虚
    • 仕事を確実にこなす
    • 自分の仕事と行動に責任を持つ
    • お互いを助けるために努力を惜しまないこと
    • 問題解決に前向きな姿勢を持つ


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